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Cobb Africa is the key supplier of Cobb broiler breeders and hatching eggs for the Sub Saharan Africa region. Cobb is the world's oldest poultry breeding company. Beginning in 1916 in Massachusetts, USA, Cobb has developed into the global leader in broiler breeding. Cobb broiler breeding stock has the sustained advantage of the most efficient feed conversion and highest potential for profitability for the company’s global customers. Cobb has developed this advantage and market reputation through a commitment to long term research and development and the prudent use of technology. Fine tuning of this focus created the important advantage of producing and maintaining a breed with the lowest cost per kilogram of live weight produced.

Parent Stock are supplied from both within Africa and Europe giving Cobb Africa excellent flexibility of supply and ensures top quality product and service to all clients.

Cobb Broiler Hatching eggs are supplied from contract growers in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the USA. With expertise in logistics Cobb Africa is equiped to supply over 20 countries in Sub Saharan Africa including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.

Cobb Africa is more than just a supplier with comprehensive technical support provided to all clients; Cobb Africa aims to grow the poultry industry in Africa and to improve the performance of the Cobb breed in Africa. The Cobb Africa team is able to assist in a range of disciplines including genetics, microbiology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, environmental control, and breeder and broiler management. Attention on the devising and delivering the best advice and support to customers in the field is a high priority and critical to the success of Cobb Africa.